Team Building

It is a natural reaction to a routine work environment for a staff member to become lax and fruitless, our unrivaled teamwork activity is particularly designed to reverse that cycle of inefficiency. Moreover, this exciting and new adventure is expected to produce a tight knit work environment. Our course gains from the mistakes of other contemporary, ineffective team building activities. Our exceptional exploit of successfully flying a hot air balloon translates into work productivity by having each individual actively taking part in team oriented tasks.


Participants will undergo a pre-flight assembly before advancing onto the early stages of the process, consisting of being split into modest teams of 2 or 4. Our exhaustively trained pilots will instruct the team collectively on weather conditions, location and the way to operate the balloon. Teams may then be directed to use a map to approximate a landing spot based on the standards given to them previously.

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Each flight will be closely monitored by the group with the aid of our expert captains. He will assist the group in carrying out the various tasks required to inflate the balloon and any additional safety checks just before liftoff. Your anticipation is quickly addressed given the actual inflation of the balloon usually takes 15 minutes or even less. Now we launch the balloon!


During the course of flight the team will have the opportunity to learn a little about how the balloon is maneuvered, and how flight elevation is determined using wind speed and weather conditions. Based on their navigation skills with the map and the information given during the course of preflight, the team should also have the ability to tell the pilot how high to fly and where to go in order to get to their location for touchdown.


Shortly after using the pilot's guidance, presuming a productive conclusion of the flight operation, the team will touch down on their predetermined landing zone to conclude their one hour team building journey. Team members will assist the pilot in packing the balloon. Each pilot is different, but generally a captain will commemorate the experience with some form of amenity ranging from a champagne toast to hors d'oeuvres. This would most likely be the time for casual conversation among team members to help strengthen their relationship through remembering the flight.

Team Building

Team Building endeavors are an effective method to improve work productivity, strengthen interaction and raise morale. We believe the process of preparing for and partaking in a hot air balloon flight that ends in a triumphant touchdown is an outstanding chance for employees to put into practice all the fundamentals meant to be strengthened during team building. The experience of gliding 1000s of feet above a stunning landscape is destined as being a strengthening experience, despite Team Building endeavors.

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