Team Building

At Fort Worth Hot Air Balloons we've developed a team building activity that is sure to motivate your employees to new heights quite literally. Furthermore, our program is devised to encourage employees to set better goals on their own and to develop lasting interpersonal partnerships among their co-workers. Our program gains from the missteps of other modern, ineffective team building exercises. Our unique adventure of proficiently flying a hot air balloon translates into productivity by having each member actively taking part in team aligned tasks.


Before being sorted into smaller groups, our team will run them through a team oriented preflight check to get them acquainted with the purpose of this exercise. Each and every team is going to be given instruction by our qualified ballooning pilots on area, wind conditions and full operation of the balloon itself. Teams may then be asked to use a map to estimate a landing spot based upon the criteria given to them before.

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Every team will likely have now been assigned a pilot to manage the elevation of the balloon throughout flight. The pilot will assist each group with the inflation of the balloon in addition to all other essential checks to ensure the absolute capability of the flight. Inflation of the balloon typically takes no more than fifteen minutes. Now we release the balloon!


Many variables affect the function of the balloon in addition to the height we fly at. The captain ensures the entire group is up-to-date on exactly what factors into the operation of the balloon. Each and every team will need to take advantage of team oriented strategies to ascertain what altitude to fly at and the course to take for touchdown using the information given by the pilot beforehand.


Shortly after approximately an hour in the air, the team and their balloon are going to land, ideally on or very close to their predetermined touchdown location. Concluding their inevitable triumphant landing, each group, with the aid of the pilot and his ground crew will anchor and pack up the balloon. Each aviator is different, but typically a captain will commemorate the experience with some form of amenity ranging from a champagne toast to hors d'oeuvres. During this moment each group member will likely have the chance to discuss amongst themselves their experience with hot air ballooning.

Team Building

Team building activities are a solid way to unify a team, productize strong points, and resolve the unmistakable weak points of the team. At Fort Worth Hot Air Balloons, we have dedicated ourselves to sustaining an atmosphere and process that serves as real life practice of team building exercises that serve to effectively improve a business, not just serve as a good day of rest. However, let's never fail to remember the beauty and tranquility that ballooning supplies and how experiencing such wonder in the company of our colleagues is a bonding journey in and of itself.

Our Team Building programs can possibly be completely individualized to suit your team, contact us at 1-888-994-9275 to strengthen your business right away!

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